Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Friends of Joe Campaign”?
It is a capital fund drive throughout the local area. Funds have been raised to build a Lest they be forgotten Memorial, now we are working on funds to "Bring Joe Home".

What are the funds for?

Funds raised have built the  “Lest they be forgotten” Memorial for Cpl Joseph P. Micks who died July 8, 2006
from wounds received in Iraq. Joe was the first casualty in Delta County and the second person in the Upper Peninsula to receive this memorial dedication. Funds will now be used to "Bring Joe Home".

What and Who are “Friends of Joe”?
Friends of Joe are a gathering of individuals and businesses that are dedicated to helping our fallen brothers and sisters be remembered. Friends of Joe come from every walk of life and are veterans and non-veterans alike. Events like the Memorial Day 5k Run/Walk for Joe will be held annually to raise funds for the campaign.   

Why is this project important at this time?
I’m sure we all agree we must never forget the sacrifices the men and women of our military have ma
de in our nations history. There is an old saying "The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten."

How can you help?
Find out for yourself the importance of this campaign. Make a gift that is truly meaningful. Tell your circle of friends and associates about “Friends of Joe Campaign”.

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