Highway CleanupHighway Cleanup Sign

To further Honor the Memory of Cpl. Joseph P. Micks, the Friends of Joe Committee have dedicated a 2 mile stretch of highway in Ensign Township in Joe's Memory. This 2 mile stretch is located 8 miles east of Rapid River on US 2. 

Three times a year, the committee members, family and friends gather to clean up Michigan's highway in Honor of Our Fallen Hero.   

Many thanks to all those who volunteer their time and service!

Next clean up date:  to be announced

                                                 Open to the volunteering public.

                                     For more information on how to volunteer to help, call, 906-474-9001.


Road Cleanup

New in 2015, the Micks family have also decided to add another 2 miles stretch of roadway in Honor of Joe and his previously passed family members.  This 2 mile stretch is located on County Road 509 in Masonville Township.

Twice a year, family members gather to clean up Michigan's roadways in Honor of Our Fallen Hero and passed on family member of the Micks family.

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